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Windows Explorer Using High CPU – How to Fix

You may sometimes open the Task Manager only to see a high CPU caused by Windows Explorer. It may happen for many different reasons. Read this article to discover how to fix the Windows Explorer high CPU problem. Checking whether the system functions normally helps to identify the issue with Windows Explorer using high CPU…. Read more.


Is Microsoft.photos.exe a virus? Fix high CPU usage

Sometimes a Microsoft.photos.exe process uses so much CPU resources that you may begin to think your PC is infected with a virus. Pro tip: If Microsoft.photos.exe is causing your system to be suspiciously slow, you can do some maintenance work using the Outbyte PC Repair tool. What is Microsoft.photos.exe? Microsoft.photos.exe is an executable file that… Read more.


Why File Explorer Is Slow on Windows 10 and How to Fix It

Ever experienced Windows 10 File Explorer running slow? Does it freeze or even stop working? While being extremely useful, this application occasionally works incorrectly, especially in the newest Windows operating system releases. Read on to see how this can be fixed. While reading through all these steps, you may find them too challenging or time-consuming… Read more.