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Outbyte Expands its Charitable Support of Cancer Research and Treatment

For over a year now, Outbyte has been making charitable donations to ACRF, the Australian Cancer Research Foundation to support the ACRF Tumour Metabolism Laboratory. With the recent cancer diagnosis of one of our colleagues, Outbyte plans to increase its support for employees that are affected, as well as for ACRF and their charitable work, and to other cancer research and treatment initiatives.


CPU Stress and Windows Computer Performance: a detailed study on how one affects the other

While issues with Windows performance have always existed, they have gradually improved in the years since Windows Vista was released. However, troubleshooting and resolving these issues remains a task that all computer users have to deal with every once in a while. This is often caused by system resources being overwhelmed and failing to keep up with the demand of the software being run.


Why Are Computers so Expensive Right Now?

PCs have never been cheap to buy. Even if you build one yourself and try to use the cheapest parts, the components are quite pricey. However, if you’ve recently considered getting a new computer and took a peek at the prices, you may have been shocked to see that they have skyrocketed. This is actually… Read more.


How Can I Speed Up My Wi-Fi?

Most of us encounter Wi-Fi connection issues once in a while. Wi-Fi speed being lower than what a user expects or wants is one of the most frequent connection-related complaints posted on online forums. How can you ensure that you always browse at the best speed you can get on a Wi-Fi network? There are… Read more.

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How Much Free Disk Space is Enough?

Have you encountered the “insufficient disk space” error on your computer? A lot of the time it takes users by surprise, especially when their system drive isn’t that small, even by modern-day standards. In addition to error messages, you may also notice slower PC performance as your system drive gets filled with data. Most users have no idea of the actual amounts of disk space needed for various tasks. So, how much free disk space is actually enough? Let’s get to the bottom of it right here.


Investigating the Impact of RAM Usage on the Performance of Windows Computers

Modern computers allow users to work simultaneously with a varied number of programs. For example, you can navigate through a lot of websites in your browser while listening to music, working in text editors, and chatting in messengers. Even computers with low physical memory are capable of running several programs at a time, a total allocated memory size of which is larger than the available RAM size.


What is Outbyte PC Repair?

Outbyte PC Repair is a one-stop tool designed to fix various system issues on your computer. It allows you to clean up drives and optimize your computer’s performance. Additionally, scanning the system with PC Repair increases the privacy and security of your device. How is all this achieved? PC Repair allows you to track the… Read more.