How to View Stored Passwords in Your Browser

Most of the existing browsers offer to save your passwords for faster login to your frequently visited websites. This feature comes in handy in many scenarios; however, with it comes a big security risk: browser-stored passwords can be stolen or compromised. Outbyte PC Repair scans your stored passwords and alerts you if there’s a potential… Read more.

Driver Updater Guides

How Do I Undo Changes Made by Outbyte Driver Updater?

We all have been in a situation when software did not perform as we had expected or when sudden errors occurred. Why does it happen? Every PC has a different set of programs and hardware, so there’s a chance that even the latest driver might be incompatible with a particular system. To minimize such risk, each… Read more.

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Outbyte PC Repair Ultimate Guide

Outbyte PC Repair is software app that is designed to free up disk space, increase Windows performance, repair certain issues, protect privacy and improve system security. This article explains most of the app’s features in detail. Quick access links: Performance Application Crashes Disk Space Objectionable Websites Privacy Protection Passwords Website notifications Vulnerabilities PUA & Security… Read more.