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Outbyte AVarmor

With its powerful engine, Outbyte AVarmor identifies and removes viruses, malware, and spyware threats from your PC. A range of other well-developed security features, such as anti-spy protection and advanced Internet privacy settings, are also part of the package, to help keep your PC as secure as possible.

Please note that AVarmor is designed to complement an antivirus program rather than replace it.

Compatible with:
Windows 11, 10, 8 and 7
Trial limitation:
3-day free trial
Full version:
from $29.95 (for a 3-month subscription)

Product Features

Malware detection

Outbyte AVarmor scans every nook and cranny on your computer. It looks for viruses, tracking cookies, keyloggers, phishing, spyware, and many other types of malware that may infect your system. Suspicious software and PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) are also reported, so you can double-check if you really need them. The antivirus engine and definitions receive constant updates to keep you secure from the latest threats.

Anti-Spy protection

One of the most insidious things a hacker can do is use your microphone or webcam to monitor you without your knowledge and share collected info with third parties for advertisement purposes or worse. Outbyte AVarmor includes functionality to disable the drivers for your microphone and webcam while you’re not using them. With the devices disabled, you can be confident that what you say or do in front of your computer is private.

Internet privacy

When browsing the internet, it’s easy to assume that most websites can be trusted. Outbyte AVarmor checks your recent internet history and monitors your browsing activity in real-time to warn you about malicious or otherwise suspicious websites that you may access. Should you agree that a website is dangerous, you can delete all traces of it from your history, along with any cookies or other data it has saved, with just a couple of clicks.

Password safety

Outbyte AVarmor reviews the passwords that your browser has saved, and checks for passwords that you’ve reused across multiple websites, or weak passwords that are easy to crack. Additionally, Outbyte AVarmor checks through known data breaches to see if any of your passwords have already been compromised. By highlighting these password weak points, Outbyte AVarmor lets you take a proactive approach to securing the affected accounts by manually changing your passwords.

Spyware and Phishing Shield

As part of the protection suite, Spyware Shield monitors the processes running on your computers and checks for signs of malicious interference or monitoring. Phishing Shield monitors changes to your "Hosts" file that could be used to redirect you from legitimate websites to phishing sites. Outbyte AVarmor alerts you and helps to stop it from happening. Combined, these features provide extra shielding from potential threats.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when the program finds a virus?

When detected, malicious files are isolated and placed in safe storage on your computer. They can be viewed in the threat list section. It’s up to you whether to erase a dangerous file from your computer or restore it if you are convinced it is a false positive and not a threat.

Why would I need camera and microphone protection?

It hasn’t been proven, but it is suspected that even safe apps might be spying on you using your microphone and/or camera to determine your preferences and needs in order to show you related ads. Malicious software may access your camera and microphone for further blackmail or extortion purposes. At Outbyte, we don’t want you being spied on, so we help ensure that your camera and microphone are used only with your permission.

Do you update the virus database?

AVarmor has a built-in system to automatically update the virus detection engine and the program itself. The software checks for updates automatically, but you can always initiate the process manually. Updating the program keeps the virus database up to date, making it possible to find the latest threats, as well as adding new features and tools to effectively protect your PC.

How do you check browser passwords?

The tool scans web browser files to detect vulnerable passwords and warn you about them. To determine the safety of your passwords, AVarmor compares them with each other and against its built-in database of compromised passwords. The tool scans passwords locally on your PC. If a compromised or weak password is found, we recommend manually changing it right away.