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How to Fix Error 0x800705aa

There have been many recent user reports of Windows update installation failure due to error 0x800705aa when using the Windows Upgrade Assistant or Windows Update. It has become a common error, especially among Windows 10 users. This article gives you a detailed discussion of error 0x800705aa, its causes, and how to fix it. Recommended: Click… Read more.


Windows 10 Restore Error 0x80070091: How to Fix

The Windows System Restore feature allows users to return to a previous state (restore point) if one was created beforehand. This is quite helpful because users can revert system changes that may have caused PC slowness, errors, frequent crashes, and other malfunctions. However, several Microsoft community users have reported receiving the “Error 0x80070091 Windows 10… Read more.


Error Code 0x80070017: How to Fix

Have you ever tried to update, install or restore Windows and received the error code 0x80070017? It’s one of the most common error messages that PC users receive. This article discusses why this error happens, and lists ways of solving the issue. Why Does the Error Code 0x80070017 Message Show Up? You can receive the… Read more.