Outbyte Products Secured by DigiCert Code Signing Certificates

Outbyte has acquired Extended Validation (EV) Code Signing Certificates for all of its software products from the world’s leading provider of IT security solutions, DigiCert. Such certificates allow developers to digitally sign applications as an additional measure of security, increasing user safety and trust. Signed software programs include the company’s name, digital signature, and an optional timestamp.  

Why Do Developers Need to Have a Code Signing Certificate?

Code Signing Certificates serve as a hallmark for users and show that the program’s code was not modified by third-parties and comes directly from the developer. This can be important for several reasons.

Firstly, non-signed programs may contain pieces of code that were placed in them by other parties with the purpose of exploiting the user’s system and infiltrating it with malware, spyware, or unwanted programs. 

Secondly, in some instances, non-singed software may also contain other programs that were not included in the original offer by developers.

And lastly, signed programs also don’t normally receive warning messages during installation or at system launch, serving as an additional indicator of safety and making the user experience more smooth.

What Does Receiving Extended Validation Code Signing Certificates Entail?

To receive EV Code Signing Certificates, a company is required to go through thorough and rigorous validation, which includes the participation of the organization’s key employees. 

The signing procedure uses an encrypted digital signature and two-factor authentication to provide a maximum level of security both for developers as well as for end-users who will be using certified software.

Why Did Outbyte Choose DigiCert Code Signing Certificates?

DigiCert is trusted by thousands of companies from many industries, varying from tech and IT to healthcare and industrial. Many of these come from the Fortune 100 and include such brands as IBM, Cloudflare, Verizon, and Microsoft Azure. 

When downloading a signed application, users can be sure that the software’s integrity has not been compromised or tampered with. By partnering with DigiCert, Outbyte Computing shows dedication to the safety of its customers and adherence to the industry’s best security practices. 

If you have questions regarding Outbyte products or the way they work, feel free to contact us at support@outbyte.com at any time.