Deceptive Affiliates

Update 28/09/2020

Dear All,

In the couple of weeks prior to April 8, 2020 we had seen a significant increase in downloads. This turned out to be a rather unfortunate consequence of some of the affiliates employing deceptive tactics to drive their traffic to our website. Outbyte had been working with affiliate networks who, in turn, contracted affiliates to drive traffic to publishers. The entire system was not transparent and we did not know who drives the traffic or the types of banners and web pages they used.

While it is usually a single bad apple among many good affiliates, we decided that our customers came first. As of April, 8 we had stopped working with all affiliate networks which were not 100% transparent about the affiliates that drive their traffic.

We at Outbyte want to see the Internet clean and free of deceptive advertisement. Here’s what we do on our part:

  • we have stopped working with non-transparent affiliate networks;
  • we work with AppEsteem to have Outbyte products certified and make sure they’re clean;
  • we work with antivirus companies to ensure full compliance (though we are routinely unable to establish a dialogue with MalwareBytes or DrWeb);
  • a call centre we work with is continuously monitored; we review the call centre’s interactions with our customers (including voice and video feed) to ensure high standards of service.

If you have come across deceptive or scareware tactics that drive users to our website, please contact us immediately. We really appreciate your support.

Warm regards,
Your team @ Outbyte

Update 28/09/2020

Dear customers, if you believe that a misleading popup by a third-party affiliate led you to purchase Outbyte software from March to 8 April 2020, please feel free to contact us directly. We would like to extend our money-back offer and refund your purchase at your request.
Please include the date of your purchase, your order number and mention this blog post so that our technicians can process your order promptly.