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Outbyte MacRepair scans your computer for performance issues, security threats, junk files and unused apps that clog up your valuable Mac storage space. It also has an effective duplicate removal feature, and can help to identify and remove potentially harmful software. The majority of the legwork is automated, you’re given clear and simple choices to optimize the performance of your Mac.

Compatible with:
macOS 10.11 and newer
Trial limitation:
24-hour free trial
Full version:
from $29.95

Product Features

Clean Out Junk

Over time, unnecessary files such as cached data and old log files can build up and even bog down your system performance. Outbyte MacRepair can scan your hard drive to identify and remove these unnecessary files to free up storage space for your important data, such as documents, photos and videos. Removing these files might also help increase system performance by reducing storage usage and the number of files that need to be indexed.

Locate and Delete File Duplicates

Over the lifespan of your Mac, you will likely end up with many duplicate files, such as identical selfies, or repeated copies of the same document. These duplicate files are essentially wasted space on your hard drive. MacRepair scans your hard drives for duplicates and allows you to select which copy to keep with a few clicks. It can even identify similar pictures so you can select the cream of the crop and save the space by clearing out the rest.

Pinpoint and Delete Large and Old Files

The space on your hard drive comes at a premium, and for Mac users, making the most of it can be a headache. As such, old unused files, especially large files, take up space on your hard drive that you could put to better use. MacRepair can highlight unused and large files on your Mac so that you can choose what you want to delete to free up space.

Remove Unneeded Apps & Login Items

Many people end up installing a few applications that they only use a couple of times, never using them again. These unused applications and many other preinstalled apps take up valuable space and should be uninstalled. MacRepair can highlight apps that launch when the system starts up, slowing down your boot times. Removing those startup apps that you don’t need to launch straight away helps your computer boot up as quickly as possible.

Free up Your System’s Resources

Every running app needs to use RAM to work. When apps are closed, or stay in the background for a while, they’re supposed to free up their resources. However, this doesn’t always happen as it should. MacRepair optimizes your memory usage, clearing out old data from apps that are inactive in the background. This makes space for the optimal performance of current and newly launched apps.

Secure Your System and Web Sessions

With your computer connected to the web all the time, it can be subject to digital threats. MacRepair can protect you from adware and potentially malicious websites when you browse the internet. It can also perform checks to verify that you don’t have any PUPs installed (Potentially Unwanted Programs).

Please note that this feature is designed to work in tandem with a dedicated antivirus or antimalware tool, and is not a full replacement for one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can’t I just clean my Mac myself?

You can, though it will usually take a significant amount of time. If your Mac has been used for personal or professional purposes, it will store a number of files that you might not need. These could be old documents that you haven’t opened in the last 3 months or more, movies downloaded and watched, copies of a vast number of files, such as documents, archives, app installers, videos, and more, similar photos, junk files, etc. It will take MacRepair only a few minutes to scan your computer and indicate such files, unlike when doing the whole search manually.

How can I be sure that MacRepair won’t delete something I need?

MacRepair provides all the information about each detected file: the type of the file, where it is located, and why it is recommended to remove it. Once you complete the scan of a specific category, MacRepair will show you a link to the direct location of a specific file, folder, or app for review. If you decide that you do not need the item in question, select it to be cleaned up. MacRepair will delete the items you’ve chosen to erase, so make sure you review them prior to starting the cleanup process. In some cases, deleted items can be found in the Trash Bin.

How do junk files affect my computer?

Junk files are temporary files that were created by different programs on your computer but were never removed after they were no longer needed. Junk accumulates surprisingly fast. These files do not generally affect your computer performance, but with time, they can take up a lot of valuable space. With the more expensive and smaller SSD drives installed on modern laptops, free space has once again become valuable.

Why do I need security features on my Mac?

Macs are commonly known to be more secure than computers running the Windows OS. However, it does not mean that Macs are immune to the potential threats your online presence may pose, e.g., potentially unwanted websites (PUWs) and apps (PUAs). MacRepair gives you a list of PUAs that are flagged by AppEsteem so that in case you have them installed, you can decide whether to keep or remove them. Additionally, you can see a list of PUWs based on Web of Trust’s data and restrict access to selected websites.

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