Tune Up, Error-Proof and Secure Your PC
with Outbyte PC Repair

Developed for Microsoft Windows

Get Your Computer to Run Fast and Smooth

Outbyte PC Repair helps ensure a glitch-free and safe PC experience in one sweep.

Here’s How PC Repair Can Help

Diagnose Your PC System

PC Repair will check your computer for slowdown causes, security vulnerabilities and potential ways to improve performance, and suggest ways to resolve issues.

Get Rid of Junk Files

To free up valuable disk space and improve efficiency, PC Repair will find and delete temporary or unneeded files from every corner of your system.

Restore System Stability

PC Repair will pinpoint causes of computer glitches, fix them all to prevent future disturbances and ensure continuously smooth and error-free operation.

Speed Up PC Performance

PC Repair will tweak system and Internet connection settings to make things like application or file opening, file downloads, browsing, saving and others go much faster.

Protect Your Privacy

The program lets you review traces of your personal data, such as credit card or SSN info, web logins or activity, and clean it up to prevent ID theft.

Help Secure Your System

PC Repair will report your PC’s security status, point out any vulnerabilities and suggest ways to protect your PC from malware and other threats.

Tested. Trusted. Supported.

Customer trust and great company reputation are a priority here at Outbyte

Why Not Try PC Repair?

Want to make sure the program has what you need and is easy to use and navigate? Download and explore its functionality.

Developed for Microsoft Windows
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