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How Much Will You Earn?

Get up to $50 from every sale with no cap!

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1 year
Your earn
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Best Seller
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Why Join MacRepair Affiliate Program?

Competitive commision
Grab 50% from every new sale with no cap on your earnings. The more customers you drive, the more money we pay: it’s as simple as that!
High conversion rate
MacRepair offers you a tested app and trusted tracking technology to ensure that your traffic will convert. Watch your revenues grow!
Quick and easy setup
Just fill out a quick form and get your tracking link. Get paid every time a visitor buys one of our plans. Easy as 1, 2, 3!
Reliable and secure tracking
Every click is counted, and with the 90-day cookie life you get paid even if your visitor decides to buy a couple of months later. No sale goes uncounted!
Timely payments
Get paid in USD every month as long as your commission reaches at least $100 for that month. Isn’t that an easy target?

Wide Range of Support Tools

  • 24h live chat support
  • New display materials
  • Affiliate tips
  • Ready-made links


Who Can Join the MacRepair Affiliate Program?
If you have a social media page, a blog, a site or a service related to software, we’ll be happy to see you among our affiliates! Just sign up using the form here.
We hope you like our product and it’ll be easy for you to follow our policy
Spamming, illegal marketing, inappropriate materials are not allowed!
We are so grateful for your support and incredibly excited to invite you to join our affiliate program! We hope you’ll love it.
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