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Clean Out

Takes care of the space: scans your files and removes junk. You won’t have to worry about running out of storage space on your phone anymore.

Boost RAM

Optimizes hidden tasks to free up RAM. Are you wondering how to speed up Android? Now you can be sure that your phone will perform at its best all the time. Boost RAM with one tap.

Security Scan

Takes care of your safety by removing viruses and harmful programs, gives you extra control over your privacy to reduce your chances of falling victim to ID theft.

Battery Saver

Save phone power and extend battery life by up to 2 hours so you can stay on the go for longer. Simply optimize your smartphone's battery usage right now!


Protects your phone from theft or unauthorized use. There are many times when you may leave your phone unattended. The moment someone tries to steal your phone or use it without your consent, a loud sound will play to alert you.


Protect your personal information in public Wi-Fi hotspots. One solution that will both safeguard your data and block ads for a more secure online experience.
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