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Protect Your MacOS after
Unsecured Internet Browsing

When you browse the Internet, there are a lot of things that can attack your Mac: junk files pile up on your hard drive, malware can harm your file system, private data gets exposed, etc. MacRepair protects all of your data, keeps your device safe from malware and quickly resolves errors, effectively speeding up your Mac.

System Optimisation

Identifies any potential areas in your system, which could be tweaked to help your Mac perform better and last longer. Lets you reclaim valuable disk space that is currently taken up by unnecessary files. And all this is done automatically in just a couple of clicks.

Malware Guard

Malware can hide in file downloads that may appear quite harmless, and eventually cause all sorts of problems for you. It may be anything from unwanted ads to the more dangerous phishing scams, worms and trojans that may steal your personal data and lead to identity theft. Protect your macOS from all kinds of malware with MacRepair.

RAM Cleaner

The insufficient memory error tends to pop up at the worst moments and is usually caused by apps unnecessarily taking up your RAM. It can also be corrupt processes or data files, cache or other unwanted things. MacRepair clears your Mac’s memory (RAM) to make room for important things and to improve your Mac’s real-time performance.

Battery Monitor

When your default web browser is a power hog, or when apps or spotlight indexing are wasting battery power, you may find that your Mac’s battery lasts quite a bit less than it normally would. MacRepair pinpoints power hogs and shows you a detailed report, so you can resolve the issues and stay on the go for longer.

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77% OFF Complete MacOS Protection

MacRepair gives you full control of your Mac’s health. Scanning your Mac for junk files has never been so easy. Clean out junk files, optimize RAM, save power and uninstall unneeded apps in one click

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2-year license

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  • Scans your Mac for all types of junk
  • Optimizes RAM to clear room for active apps
  • Recommends tweaks to save power
  • Helps eliminate unneeded apps and other space hogs
  • Detects malicious and phishing websites
  • One-click activation to save you time
  • 24/7 live support by Apple certified specialists
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Tested. Trusted. Supported.

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